Canadian Creative Web Services
  • We've Moved!
    That's right, the final step in integrating our Web Hosting services with our parent company, Canadian Creative, is now complete. Please be sure to update your bookmarks to bring you to the new site, A redirect is currently in place on Killahosting to bring you here, just in case you got lost along the way. Thanks for sticking with Killahosting, now known as Canadian Creative Web Services!
  • New Services Available
    Effective immediately, Killahosting is branching out! Need a Wordpress install done?? We can do that for you. Purchased a dedicated server, and now you want to get it secured?? We can check that out for you as well. Want to move your site off your current host?? Yep, we can handle that as well. Contact us with your needs, and we can put a reasonable quote together for you. Canadian Creative Hosting... more than just another hosting service.
  • Software Upgrades
    Be advised that on December 30th, we upgraded to the latest MySQL 5.1 branch from the prior stable 5.0.61 branch.? We also updated to the latest Apache and PHP (instyalling the most up-to-date security patches and tweaking the enabled modules). We have also added a new module called mod_geoIP, and enabled city-based Geo Location services into Apache.? You can read more about it here.? This is a free, simple module that, when used properly, may supply a wealth of info about your site visitors. If any of you expereince any problems with your sites due to these upgrades, please utilize the trouble ticket system, or email the support team directly, or contact me on Twitter
  • Redesign & Changes Coming
    As you may see, some changes are slowly taking place.? First up, KillaHosting has gone through a refit of sorts.? The site should be completely live sometime over the holidays. Watch closely, as soon we will be relaunching with some great plans as well as great benefits for existing customers.? Check back soon.
  • Issue with Logging in
    With our most recent update, something broke in the session handling of the software.? Please utilize the "Remember Me" setting when logging in for the time being, while we work to find a fix for the problem.
  • New Billing Software
    We decided that it was time for an update.  The prior billing software was grossly outdated and apparently no longer supported by it's developers, so we have chosen to go with WHMCS.  Its far superior, and so much easier to work with. Over the next few days, you should all start seeing the changes roll out.
  • KillaNet Acquires
    KillaNet Technology Ltd. is pleased to announce that as of October 12, 2005 it has taken over the assets and client list of CESHosting. This acquisition enables KillaHosting to add ircd hosting packages in its list of available plans as well as an addition in the number of servers available for hosting space. KillaHosting would like to welcome the clients of CESHosting to the fold, we wish you continued success with your sites and hope that you will find the integration seamless and beneficial to you as a client.
  • KillaHosting ReLaunch
    Today KillaNet Technology relaunched KillaHosting with a new look and new plans. We now offer both Shared Hosting and ReSeller Packages. We have also updated our Game Server Packages and added a wider variety of games. All of KillaHosting's hosting, reseller and game server packages are fully supported with a Help Ticket system should anyone run into problems, as well as an FAQ knowledge base which is updated often. All plans are upgradable at any time, and have package add-ons which are also available through upgrades if not added at time of initial purchase. ~Many thanks to Vulture, NightStorm, us3rX, Josh,Rift and David for their hard work installing, configuring, graphics, text content, testing, retesting and then testing some more, and to Sp3c for the layout
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